theo overgaauw

Born in the Hague, attended the Vrije Academie and attended a workshop of a week by Jörg Immendorff (Rijks Academie).
Work owned by municipality, companies, national and international private collectors.
Now living in Sellingen, Groningen, the Netherlands


2002 Galerie de Lange


2022 Virtual exhibit Painters Tubes Gallery
2021/2022 Virtual exhibit The Holy Art London
2015 Salon des Refusés
2011 EM galerie 'Hommage aan de Collectioneur Klaas en Alie Brandsma'
2008 Hanzehofmuseum Zutphen
2007 Galerie Nijehove
2004 Kunstrai met Galerie de Lange
2004 Galerie de Lange
2003 Galerie de Lange
2003 Kunstrai met Galerie de Lange
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In his paintings Theo Overgaauw is trying to find a middle ground or mix between abstract and figurative with a bit of a twist. Like a curveball, something unbalancing. He likes the viewer to see that you can be very figurative in abstract work and vice versa. But is also important to recognise the pleasure/fun in paint and painting, its structure and flow, the combination of color and that it’s not only about the finished product. He starts with a blank canvas, no preliminary studies, and just takes off. With preliminary studies he tends to get uptight having to follow the study, scared of colouring outside the lines and thus killing the fun in painting and the work itself. The unexpected not knowing where it is going, taking one step after another seeing where the painting is leading him he finds more exciting. At some point there will be conscious decisions certainly when stepping back and finding that somewhere he has taken a wrong turn. But even that can be exciting, getting it back on track. It has to be almost like an adventure. It's just not only the final result, he is also in it for the ride. It has to be impulsive and funnily enough because of letting go he feels more in charge. If there are any rules or boundaries then they are his.
He leans on painters that have preceded him and also those that are around. He borrows what they have done so that he can channel it and make it work for his benefit.
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