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I had a 'little' accident with a tree in January that stopped me from painting for a few months. So I am a little slower of the mark than usual. I hope by the end of may to show some new works. At least I have had plenty of time to think things over and come up with new interesting paintings I hope.
Study for the Elder
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© theo overgaauw, acrylic and oilpaint on linen,
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Working on paper.
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27 Sept 2018 - Just finished 😊
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After at least six weeks of blue sky's and very hot weather, which is nice for working on the roof although it was a bit to hot at times, its good to see 'Dutch' clouds again.
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Redoing the roof tiles. July 2018
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Work in progress
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Brrr…..Its nearly freezing in the studio so I moved into the living room.
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